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The way I work is different

The vast majority of business coaching programs invest most of each coaching session trying to motivate you and discussing how you feel.

Using my unique signature BRIGHT Business Transformation™ I help you solve business problems by fusing ACCOUNTING, COACHING, STRATEGY AND PLANNING. 

Hey, I'm Madeleine

I'm an Accountant and Business Growth Coach with a big heart, a big vision, and a big big mission.

My mission is to help millions of business owners to get free from the ‘weeds’, turn their business into a cash-producing machine, and start scaling faster than ever.

I'm your new biz bestie

I'm here to show you how to free up your time, build a six figure business and put a dent in this world. 

I'm an entrepreneur, author, accountant and business coach, who's dedicated to showing you how to create a grand vision for your life and business and actually make it happen.


Using my signature BRIGHT Business Transformation ™, I help my clients in two ways primarily - coaching them to create a profitable six figure firm and accountancy support for business growth.

Phase 2 Growth Ltd | Eliot Zissman CEO: "Right from the first moment, I felt reassured that they would do the best for our business."

I truly believe that

Desire + Action = Growth

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Led By Me, BSBC Helps Firms To Be Seen As BRIGHT Businesses. Our World Class Coaching, Systems And Strategies, Will Ensure You Start Driving Fast, Consistent Growth.


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High-Level Strategy Meets BRIGHT Transformation™ In This Intimate Group Coaching Program. Expert Training And 1:1 Coaching Help You Make Leaps In Your Biz, Fast.

smart accounting & finance services

SMART ACCOUNTING is the MISSING PIECE of your financial puzzle.

Smart Accounting Is Your One-Stop Source For Personal & Business Financial Security.


When you invest in yourself by working with us, you invest in others around the world. At Madeleine Salariu Co, we support children and families in need on a regular basis. We volunteer our time, make annual contributions through registered non-profits, and we give directly to those who need it most. Right on time.