Establishing Your Business As A WAHM

Thousands of moms have decided to leave the board rooms, factories, restaurants and other traditional outside the home jobs, and earn or supplement their family income with a work at home venture. The question is what will you do.
The first and most important item on your agenda should be to find a business. Research business ventures that are of interest to you. Whether it’s arts and crafts, affiliate marketing, telecommuting, or some other type money making enterprise know your niche. There are endless websites, articles, ebooks and forums that can give you great ideas about what best suits you.
Secondly, know whether you want to establish a home business or obtain a work at home job. There is a difference. Starting a work at home business means you are the CEO from the beginning. Determine what type of requirements must be met to operate a business out of your home. Check with your state’s business development office or the Small Business Administration for guidelines. Become familiar with the tax advantages of owning your own home based business. Be prepared for some expenses. Starting a business regardless of how small will require some investment capital. However, if you’ve decided to obtain a work from home job, this shouldn’t require an upfront investment. A work at home job or telecommuting job, as they are often referred to, is just like a job outside the home. There should be no fees involved in this type venture.
Once you’ve decided which route you plan to take, start marketing and/or promoting your business. If your business revenue will be generated greatly from your website, find ways to promote your site online. Web promotion offline is an easy way to start. Word of mouth from you to those in your community can be your first step. Passing out flyers and business cards are also ideal ways to promote your business offline.
When it comes to promoting your business online utilize forums, link and banner exchanges, email marketing, listings in business directories and paid advertising are all excellent methods of promotion. Make sure to set a budget that’s affordable and don’t exceed that budget under any circumstances.
Finally, make your home conducive to your productivity. Hours spent in a chair with your laptop wobbling around on your lap will get old quick. Set aside your work space. Treat your home office just as you would your away from home work space. A small desk, chair, filing cabinet, computer (of course), printer, and fax are necessary to run a successful business. Plus, your home office and supplies can all be tax deductible.

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