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How Tee Munusamy saved tax in 20 days after joining Our Program.

The Challenge

Tee was already pulling in multiple 5 figures, but his business was chaotic and driven by him. It lacked the structure, goals, and systems to scale to his goal for the previous two years, which was finally building a 6-figure business.

He was on the rollercoaster that most entrepreneurs ride… Until he joined Madeleine' Program.

After The Creative Transformation Program

Tax Paid Pre-Madeleine 


Tax Paid with Madeleine


The way we see it here is, a great business should in fact generate A Lot More Money, and Fast, Consistent Growth.

After Our Program, Tee' business does just that.

A great business should in fact generate:

  • Great Money: Tee started the Creative Transformation Program in a major cash crunch, but with Madeleine, not only did he start making more money, he paid back some major debt and now has over 3 months of expenses in the bank so he can sleep like a baby at night!
  • Consistent And Fast Growth: With his new business model and approach, he is not only growing faster than ever, but this is only the foundation for their future growth!

A Word From Tee On Our Services

"I feel totally confident that they’re doing the best for me and my business. I feel like they really care and that’s very important to me. They spend the time getting to understand our business, how it runs and what our goals are. They do everything they can to help us reach them and that’s so great!"


It’s time to build a much more successfulsustainablescalable business. We can help.