We Are Reinventing Accounting Services

Being the world’s fullest full-service accounting practice isn’t just our goal – it’s our obsession. We’ll be more than happy to send a qualified professional to take care of your needs, day or night.

We operate differently

Using our signature business transformation 4S B.O.O.M. Method™ we help clients solve business problems by fusing






You will have a dedicated business coach to guide you to your goals and

an expert accountancy staff that takes care of all your accounting headaches.

Smart Accounting 

  • We have More Clarity & Control working only with service based businesses 
  • SIMPLIFYING & Freeing Up Lots of Time!
  • Focus On Consistent, Repeatable Growth
  • Results Guaranteed!

Most Accounting Practices

  • They Don’t Understand Your Business Or Industry
  • Give You Lots of Ideas & Stuff To Do
  • Focus On Tactics & Short-Term
  • Big Promises With Hard Sales Pitch

When you want something,

all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo Coelho

Smart is that conspiracy:

the conspiracy of planning. Planning is the single most important ingredient missing from accountancy. 

Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique Signature Business Transformation 


We handle all your finance-related headaches leaving you with enough time to focus on your core business operations and growth. Our services have you covered for all your accounting needs:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Statutory end of year accounts
  • Self assessment tax return
  • VAT Returns
  • Corporation and Partnership Tax return
  • HR Services


As an established finance and accounting firm in the industry, we use cutting-edge automation technology to provide you with advanced processes automation solutions.

We develop an understanding of your business processes, needs, and goals to provide you with a robust automation solution.

This helps you to improve:

  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy of your business systems


Our team of financial and business experts has extensive experience of working with companies of all sizes and scales, helping them in successful business planning.

We review your business, identify its shortcomings, resources, challenges and opportunities for strategic planning.

Based on our analysis, we develop a robust business plan and link it to your accounts and finances to help you in making informed decisions.


Do you know that effective business coaching encourages you to give your best?

Do you know that if your company is struggling with direction and goal achievement, you can accomplish them with professional coaching?

With our expert business coaching services, we help you:

  • Grow Your Business
  • Free Up Your Time
  • Your Business Is Aligned With Your Dream Life
  • Pay Less Tax, Make More Money

Accounting and Business Growth Support! 

You Are Taking The best of both worlds here!

You have what it takes to build a business you love, making the income you deserve and the impact you desire.

Using our signature 4S B.O.O.M Method™, we help our clients in two ways primarily - coaching them to create a profitable six figure business and accountancy support.

Advice about growing a business

You have a dream. We have a dreamy  4S B.O.O.M. method™  to help you open up and combat what you think is impossible. 


You have a dedicated business coach assigned to your business. We help you be confident and step into your zone of genius.

When we support each other, magical things happen. You can access knowledge, peer accountability and support that will take your business to the next level.


Instant access to your finances through our Smart Accounting™ App that enables access the the data, applications, and resources you need, anywhere, anytime.

We’re excited to be partnering with Fluidly to help you get the business funding you need.

Smart perks

We offer you perks, discounts, rewards and health & wellness products to boost your engagement.

Smarter Accounting In Just 3 Steps

Step 1 - Tell Us About Your Business

Effective accounting starts with a thorough understanding of the groundwork of your business. This includes the average amount of transactions your business encounters per month as well as the overall structure of your operation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a LTD Company, LLP, Partnership or Sole Trader, Smart Accounting has a plan for you.

Step 2 - Pick Your Perks

Not all businesses have the same needs, so why pay for extras that don’t benefit you? We put the power back in your hands with customizable features designed to fit any budget.

Whether you need additional HR support, administrative assistance or expert business planning advice, our bonus features were built just for you.

Step 3 - Connect The Smart Way

We believe that great accounting comes down to forming great relationships. That’s why you’ll never catch us using “account managers.”

Instead, we assign you a personal dedicated partner to make sure that your needs are being met every step of the way.

And with our state of the art Smart Accounting app, you can stay connected to your business affairs anytime, any place.

Andrei Stoica CEO

The help and advice we’ve received from Smart Accounting have been second to none. It was really important to us that we found someone who could effectively communicate finances whilst having an overall understanding of how our business runs. We didn’t want an accountant that just looked at the numbers but rather one that saw the entire picture.


Tax paid pre - Smart


Tax paid with Smart


Profit pre -Smart


Profit with Smart


Truly all inclusive, our monthly packages includes:

  • Our 15 years’ of experience in supporting businesses achieve their full potential. Start scaling faster than ever with our Signature Business Transformation Experience.  
  • Your own dedicated trusted and fully qualified accountant and business coach at the end of the phone. We help you be confident and step into your zone of genius.
  • Regular Reports: all data will be accessible to you around the clock. Transform your Business Into an Empire Now!
  • Access to our awesome App that’s packed full of useful tools, features and a network of peers